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Your Emotions are the Key to Your Highest Path

Your emotional sensitivity is your strength.  Let me tell you why. Emotions are often seen as annoying, something to suffer through, change, or even “achieve”.  Too many of us live to avoid negative emotions, labeling them “good” or “bad”. Emotions are the most important tools you have in life. To live with more joy, abundance, health, and confidence you must learn what your emotions are trying to tell you and why all of them have a purpose to help you live your highest path, except for guilt and shame.

Everything is energy, and everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Even though we each have our unique energetic signature we all, in our natural state of being, vibrate at the frequency of love.  Because you are literally made of the energy of Love, when you experience things that are an energetic match for you it feels good, it feels like joy, happiness, excitement, peace, you get the picture. People, situations, and experiences that are not an energetic match for you will feel painful, frustrating, and will be very difficult to maintain in your life no matter how much work you put into it. This is how you know what is meant for you in this life and what isn’t. Unfortunately we have been taught to ignore our internal guidance system and to feel guilt and shame when things don’t work out for us.

Your emotions are an indication of your alignment to what is working FOR you, and what isn’t.  If your vibration is high you feel good, your emotions are uplifted and happy. If you are vibrating low then you feel anything from frustration to depression.  Your emotions are an indication of what is a vibrational match for you and what isn’t.  When you learn to recognize and use your emotions instead of trying to suppress or fix them, then life becomes a wonderful adventure and you are always looking for and attracting the things that bring you joy, health, and yes, abundance.

As a health professional and spiritual teacher I channel guidance from spirit and apply the principles for practical use in our every day life. We are meant to use spirituality and our emotions to live amazing lives, not to escape our life. I want to teach you to trust in your intuition, your team of guides and angels, the signs they send you, and your own emotions. You can live a healthy, joyful, and confident life with trust in the world and your place in it.

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“I will be forever grateful and I recommend that everyone book a session with Lauren, she’s amazing. She helped me work through issues within myself and see the bigger picture. Its a healing experience that I can’t thank her enough for.”


“I have had to amazing sessions with Lauren and I highly recommend her. Completely connected and enlightened! If your in a rut or if you are in need of guidance.. Lauren is definitely the one to go to. Thank you so much! Absolutely wonderful experience.”


“Lauren is wonderfully gifted as a Reiki Master and life coach. I experienced tremendous growth and learned so much from her. I strongly recommend her as a life coach.”


“Lauren is a beautiful soul with an amazing ability! I highly recommend her for all your spiritual needs. She’s truly amazing and I feel so blessed to have had her in my time of need.”

About Lauren

I am a certified Life and Health Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Channel, Reiki Master, and Clairvoyant.  My education and background are in Exercise Physiology.  I have been in the health and wellness industry for 10 years and began integrating my intuitive abilities to better serve my clients in 2012. My own personal journey as a highly sensitive Lightworker and Empath has led me to understand certain truths about the world we live in and who we are as spiritual beings living in the physical realm.  Our spiritual path is one that should lead us to live according to the only way we intended, with love, joy, happiness, compassion, and abundance! I work with people that want to connect with their inner guidance, learn how to manage their sensitivity, have better health, a deeper connection with spirit, and manage their emotions. My intention is to help you connect with your own intuition and spirit guides, so you can follow what is right for YOU without fear of judgment or feelings of guilt. You can live with more confidence, joy, and faith in yourself and the universe.

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