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Your alignment is off, that’s all

I went from thinking that I was worthless, weak, overweight, and unlovable, to knowing that I am already whole, and now create health, trust, confidence, and joy in my life.

My name is Lauren Antuofermo and I am an Intuitive Wellness Coach and Spirit Channel.  I use my connection to Spirit and more than 10 years experience as a Health and Wellness Professional, to help my students and clients align with the truth of who they are so they can confidently move on the path of joy and health they were meant to live on.

I was an emotional eater, a smoker, weighed well over 200lbs, always worried about what other people thought of me, and scared that I would never be happy with who I was no matter how much I did for other people. I’ve been divorced, lonely, sick, and believed that I was a failure, and too emotionally sensitive and weak to live in such a harsh world that favored everyone else but me. I endured suffering for too long by believing other people’s judgments and by always taking care of others before myself, thinking that sacrifice and suffering were the answer to being a good person or earning “goodness” from the world.  I punished myself constantly for negative feelings and for what I thought I lacked. 

I was wrong, about all of it. It wasn’t soon after I decided that I just can’t endure a life where I hated myself any more that I started to see the fears and lies that we take on as children that make us feel unworthy and “bad”.  I realized that in order for me to be able to enjoy and be a positive example for my kids, to have a loving relationship, and a successful career, and actually be happy about my life, I had to start actually caring about MYSELF.  I had to recognize that I was NOT meant to suffer. As my guides like to say “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, and joy is your purpose”.  I realized love was there for me, and that I was at my core, a being of Love, that deserved my own loving attention and care. As they say, the truth shall set you free.  And in truth we are all beings of Love, that come to earth with a very accurate emotional guidance system, a supportive spirit guide team, and a body that responds to our energy of love for ourselves.

I also began to want to feel good in my body and to stop hating and punishing it.  I knew that my health was undeniably connected to my self worth.  So I began to change my body, yes with better eating and exercising, but an adjustment in my beliefs about health and fitness was REQUIRED before the weight finally STAYED off. I began my career as a health and wellness professional and loved it but something was still missing, that all the diet plans and skinny jeans  in the world could not identify. 

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And that was my spiritual, emotional, and intuitive connection.  Life is not just about money, the way you look, or what you do for a living.  The way you FEEL about having all these things is what makes them worth having.  But the shift must come in understanding that these things don’t create your worth.  It is that you are ALREADY WORTHY that allows you to enjoy having these things without feeling as if they define your worth.

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When we align with love for who we truly are, we begin to notice and go towards the things, situations, and people, that are meant to lift us up and we stay away from the things that consistently give us pain and negativity.  Through the help of amazing teachers, supportive friends, meditation, and learning to connect with my own intuitive guidance and Spirit Guides, I completely changed the way I was living my life. I went from an unhealthy body, and deep anger and depression to living balanced, happy, and having trust in myself and the universe to support me. I live with joy being my default feeling rather than a feeling to chase.  I deal with challenges with more confidence, and recover from set backs and moments of doubt much easier.  I am supported in my endeavors to live with joy for myself and this extends to my family, work, and friends.  So it is in this alignment of love for ourselves that we create a better world.  One loving step at a time.

My purpose and intention in all of my work is to create awareness around your own feelings and emotions, and bring you the higher perspective of your souls purpose.  With the help of your angels and spirit guides I also connect to the intuitive information and loving guidance that can immediately help you get started on feeling better.  Sessions with your guides are also like energetic tune ups.  Your emotional, physical, and spiritual energy all get an attunement to your higher self when we work with you. 

Whether your goals are to create more health in your life, more confidence, a better connection to intuition, or a combination, I can help you with practical real world adjustments as well as the shift in beliefs that are required to make long lasting changes. I know because I was there, and I am here to tell you, beautiful being, that it can be better than you imagined, and that we all have the ability to love ourselves a little more, and that is all it takes.

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“I will be forever grateful and I recommend that everyone book a session with Lauren, she’s amazing. She helped me work through issues within myself and see the bigger picture. Its a healing experience that I can’t thank her enough for.”


“I have had to amazing sessions with Lauren and I highly recommend her. Completely connected and enlightened! If your in a rut or if you are in need of guidance.. Lauren is definitely the one to go to. Thank you so much! Absolutely wonderful experience.”


“Lauren is wonderfully gifted as a Reiki Master and life coach. I experienced tremendous growth and learned so much from her. I strongly recommend her as a life coach.”


“Lauren is a beautiful soul with an amazing ability! I highly recommend her for all your spiritual needs. She’s truly amazing and I feel so blessed to have had her in my time of need.”

About Lauren

I am a certified Life and Health Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Channel, Reiki Master, and Clairvoyant.  My education and background are in Exercise Physiology.  I have been in the health and wellness industry for 10 years and began integrating my intuitive abilities to better serve my clients in 2012. My own personal journey as a highly sensitive Lightworker and Empath has led me to understand certain truths about the world we live in and who we are as spiritual beings living in the physical realm.  Our spiritual path is one that should lead us to live according to the only way we intended, with love, joy, happiness, compassion, and abundance! I work with people that want to connect with their inner guidance, learn how to manage their sensitivity, have better health, a deeper connection with spirit, and manage their emotions. My intention is to help you connect with your own intuition and spirit guides, so you can follow what is right for YOU without fear of judgment or feelings of guilt. You can live with more confidence, joy, and faith in yourself and the universe.

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