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Welcome to Soulful Transformations!

Channeling Your Spirit Guide Team and Archangels So You Can Tangibly Align, Honor Your Path, and Ascend!


Did you know Angels are working behind the scenes of your life?

It’s true, and no you don’t have to earn their help, nor do you have to reach a certain level of spirituality to be worthy of their presence – they are already lovingly leading and guiding your every move!

Whether you can feel or sense your spiritual team or not, one thing is true among all else – they are on YOUR side!

I know it doesn’t feel that way all the time, or when it does it quickly fades, and you get that overwhelming feeling like you’re all alone. But you aren’t, and it’s not because you’re bad, unworthy, aren’t working hard enough, or aren’t special.

They don’t work that way.


There’s many reasons why you might not feel this loving guidance and support…

You may not have mastered the art of mind-body-spirit connection

You may have damaging belief patters that keep you def to their calling

You may have past trauma, guilt, or shame that keeps you in perpetual noise

You may have karmic patterns from a past life that need breaking

Your chakras may be blocked

You may just be fearful to believe in your worth…

Whatever the reason, it’s very easy to fall into the human cycle of life here on earth. By that I mean we’re born into a world with a mix of our ancestor’s beliefs and big expectations, free will, and a bustling society with unattainable social standards.

It’s overwhelming and it’s LOUD!

But they can be louder if you’re ready to listen!

I’m Lauren Antuofermo, Spiritual Speech Channel & Coach

I’m here to equip you with a STRONG connection to your Angels & Bring Forth Their Profound Messages!

My intuitive ability to channel Angels and Light Beings allows me to hand over the knowledge, guidance, love, and support your angels already have for you, but in a way you can feel and understand!

By helping you attain a higher state of vibration, clearing old beliefs that cause your disempowering patterns, dismantling past trauma, and breaking down the damaging views about yourself, we will work together as you ascend to your path, highest good, and purpose!

You’ll learn why your soul is here, what it’s chosen to experience and why, what karmic patterns you are meant to overcome, and how to tap into the gifts your soul carries.

We’ll work to infuse creative expression while breaking the superficial connection you have to the human condition.

Perfectionism, fear, guilt, self criticism, resentments, uncertainty, inward and outward demands – all of these “conditions” can be broken and SHOULD be broken!

You are more than you realize, and I want to help you experience that!

Your angels want you to live in that!

Are You Ready For Soul Evolution?

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About Lauren

Lauren is a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Channel for the Archangels and Guides of Light.   With a 15 year background in the health and fitness industry, public speaking, and more, Lauren now uses her experience coaching clients and her channeling and intuitive abilities to serve her growing local and online community. Lauren says “My mission is to help people connect with the truth of love, the gifts of compassion, and the ability to raise their own vibration to live happy, creative, and abundant lives and to assist in raising the vibration of the earth”.

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