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Your Angels Are on Your Side


Hi! My name is Lauren Antuofermo, aside from being a mom, wife, veteran, and all around sassy Italian girl from NYC, I am an Intuitive and speech channel that channels the guidance of the Archangels to help you on your life path.  I offer individual readings, energy, and chakra attunements, and teach group coaching classes. 

 I started off my professional career in the United States Air Force, then traded in the uniform for a civilian career with the U.S.A.F. Reserve Command, earned my Masters in Exercise Physiology and Fitness, to help others achieve health and wellness. Somewhere in all of that Spirit also led me to open up and use my intuitive gifts! So here I am doing what I love and spreading the love to YOU with messages and knowledge from Spirit.

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Everything I aim to do, whether it’s channeling Angels and Light Beings and relaying their guidance and information, helping you attain a higher vibration and state of wellness through coaching and lightwork, or bringing through your passed loved ones, I do it with the intention of joy and compassion, so that you walk away knowing that you are loved supported, equipped, and able to keep heading in the direction of love for yourself and in joy for your life here and now. 

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In my “Body of Light” group coaching work, I help people create a strong and healthy alignment and understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection.  In individual coaching, I specialize in helping people with health and abundance issues, spiritual intuitive development, speech-channeling, and empathic skill development and resiliency. 

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Whether your goals are to create more health in your life, more confidence, a better connection to intuition, or a combination, I can help you with practical real-world adjustments as well as the shift in beliefs that are required to make long-lasting changes. I know because I was there, and I am here to tell you, beautiful being, that it can be better than you imagined, and that we all have the ability to love ourselves a little more, and that is all it takes.

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“I will be forever grateful and I recommend that everyone book a session with Lauren, she’s amazing. She helped me work through issues within myself and see the bigger picture. Its a healing experience that I can’t thank her enough for.”


“I have had to amazing sessions with Lauren and I highly recommend her. Completely connected and enlightened! If your in a rut or if you are in need of guidance.. Lauren is definitely the one to go to. Thank you so much! Absolutely wonderful experience.”


“Lauren is wonderfully gifted as a Reiki Master and life coach. I experienced tremendous growth and learned so much from her. I strongly recommend her as a life coach.”


“Lauren is a beautiful soul with an amazing ability! I highly recommend her for all your spiritual needs. She’s truly amazing and I feel so blessed to have had her in my time of need.”

About Lauren

Lauren is a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Channel for the Archangels and Guides of Light.   With a 15 year background in the health and fitness industry, public speaking, and more, Lauren now uses her experience coaching clients and her channeling and intuitive abilities to serve her growing local and online community. Lauren says “My mission is to help people connect with the truth of love, the gifts of compassion, and the ability to raise their own vibration to live happy, creative, and abundant lives and to assist in raising the vibration of the earth”.  

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