Why Shadow Work May Be Keeping You in Pain

In light of talk I did recently about shadow work and the many many articles I see lately of self help gurus embracing anger, and pain, and shadow work as more powerful than “love and light bullshit” (as I have seen it referred to many times), I have...

A New Perspective on Empathic Abilities

To those that identify as an Empath. Please understand that regardless of the many opinion pieces on the internet about your abilities, you are not a victim to people’s emotional energy. Too many times we take the energy we feel and we associate it with the...

Lightwork brings love, not suffering, Lightwork brings joy, not more pain, and Lightwork creates an awareness that love is who you are already, not an emotion or a vibration to achieve.

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You know what your soul wanted to experience in this life by the way it FEELS to you. Trust that and follow your joy when you feel it! And reject anything that tells you to keep your hand in the fire after you feel the pain of the burn.
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The Eclipse In Pisces, what is really means

If you are into astrology at all you may be fearing the big bad eclipse in Pisces coming to mess your life up and cause all kinds of drama in order to fix or heal something. Friends, don’t believe the hype. Eclipses usher in change yes, but in a positive way. If...