Body of Light Group Coaching Program

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We are human, we are divine, and we are uncovering the relationship of LOVE being the creative force in physical form. We did not come here to be anything other than the light that is consciously created through the heart’s wisdom and guidance. 

But we need help on this physical journey when we come to the place where our fears and feelings of unworthiness take over.

The Body of Light Course is a systematic way of creating well being in the body so that we can raise to the frequency of love and live from the perception that God is within us asking us to create from the perspective that well-being was the ultimate God expression and that compassion, joy, and laughter are the best medicines when it comes to healing the human heart and becoming the light we want to see in the world.

The Body of Light Program is a group coaching program designed in a specific format to create the lasting changes in your spiritual evolution that you have been searching for. Tend to your own physical body and relay abundance to your entire being by learning the equation of how, why, and what your body has to do with the ascension process and how you can awaken to a new life of abundance, clarity, and compassion for yourself and others.

With the knowledge of an experienced intuitive wellness coach, channeled messages from the Archangels, energetic attunements, and the support of a group environment and interactive meetings, plus the willingness to receive light and love, you will see shifts resonating through all aspects of your spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

This course will take you through two very simple but effective methods that change the way you perceive yourself and your emotions and gives you a new foundation of what you are doing here as a soul.

You will learn to connect to the earth as if it WERE your home and know it provides everything you need as long as you are working in alignment with it. The physical grid of the earth is what most light workers are missing in their truth of love and they fight the feeling of being in a physical body every day, which dims their purpose and their energy becomes diminished by the fears and sufferings that they see around them. 

This is what I call empathic overwhelm and it causes many light workers to feel as if they do not belong here on earth and that their sensitive natures are the thing that keeps them apart from the world they live in and the creative aspect that they could be partaking in.

As abundant as you are you must come to know how to utilize the function of the body’s grid and reveal the truth of living in the human form while learning to bring the wisdom of your past lives and your higher selves through.

Then we prepare you for the empathic field to be one of compassion. Rather than focusing on what the empathic nature gives you in terms of your sensitivity we will show you how to create awareness of others emotions without succumbing to the pain and society’s expectations of you.

We will teach you the compassion method which regains your sense of self in terms of what is right for YOU and how you can view your own actions and emotions in a way that serves your highest good rather than prepares you for guilt, shame, or worry.

When we communicate with wellness of the body in the course we will teach you how to release from fear of the body’s natural health and wellness and receive the abundance of the body through working out the details of why you may be feeling the things you do.  we will uncover things such as:

  • What beliefs do you carry about your body?
  • Do you see the body as a tool or as a “meat suit” in order to get through a life of pain? 
  • How to align with the unique solutions for our body’s health and well being

We will address various subjects, from weight, using medication, exercise, and diet to treat your body better. These things will come as a result of your own self reflection rather than a need to be told what to do and you will learn how to align to your choices in a positive way so they become more effective and lasting.  

You will also learn how to let the body heal without a lot of “interference” from you.  You’ll understand the body’s connection to Source and use the awareness of your current beliefs in order to reveal a healthier state of mind, body and soul. 

There is no shortage of abundance in the world and this course will teach you the how’s, why’s, and don’ts of what it means to be a human being in a spiritual awakening.

When you connect to the Body of Light, the creation process of your human form takes on a whole new meaning. Life becomes about what you want to do, rather than what you feel you have to be afraid of and work to avoid.

You will learn how to ask “How can I receive more love?”, rather than “How can I get rid of this pain?”, and be able to connect to solutions with more ease.

Instead of looking for approval due to fear of rejection, we learn acceptance of ourselves first and allow others to play a part in our development.

Acceptance becomes about choosing who you want to be and why you want to be it, instead of what you “should be” and who will love you for it.

What makes this 8-week course really unique is the element of developing relationship and a bond as a group.  Science has proven that a support group and a network of friends is key in establishing new behaviors, beliefs, and self-confidence. Energy is intensified and we all support the discovery of more light and love in our lives without judgment.

As your guide to self-discovery, I will also give attunements, work with you on your personal journey so you KNOW you’re not alone, and I bring through the guidance and energy of the Archangels and other Guides of Light as well.

By the end of this course, you will be more closely connected to earth, creating a strong foundation for the rest of your spiritual work no matter what kind of energy or intuitive work you engage in. 

You will also undoubtedly be closely connected to your guidance team and learn how to connect with only the highest guidance without the trap of ego filters that often dilute the true message of love that your guides are trying to give you. 

I won’t tell you what to believe but I will guide you where to look and how to use your heart to feel what is true for you and for your highest good.

All there is to know is that you are in a safe, nurturing, supportive, learning and growing environment that is being held by the teacher and group leader Lauren Antuofermo. 

All that is left to do is to “sign on the dotted line” that you will be open to receive the gifts that are available to you through this course and you will find that the magic of life was always yours to begin with.  Thank you! See below for details and testimonials from past participants!


  • 8 weeks of on line and personal support by coach and teacher Lauren Antuofermo
  • 10 lessons that give you the tools to take you from building a strong foundation to expansion in love, abundance, and joy
  • 2 weekly on line zoom meetings to reinforce and talk about the lessons, evening and day times so you never have to miss a week
  • 3 or more energy attunements to assist with your journey
  • The benefit of a one on one coach, an on-line course, a spiritual support group, AND the Archangels and Guides of Light to assist on your transformation
  • Option to schedule 60 min private readings/sessions to assist you in any matters that may come up for almost 70% off the normal price, 60$ for 60 min throughout the 8 weeks.