Intuitive Channeled Readings

$177 Angel Guided Sessions & Readings

Hello! If you are new to readings or are an old pro let me tell you a bit about how  my sessions are done and what the intentions are for them. I am an Archangel Realm Reader and Healer and these beings of Love and Light are very closely connected to us and our lives here on earth. They are very high vibration beings (connected to unconditional love and God) and they help me bring through messages aligned with the Divine Truth of Love. We each have a connection to these beings and they are always willing to work with us no matter where we are on our path and provide practical “down to earth” guidance and information as well as helping me to adjust your energy body and bring through healing energy for you as needed and desired.  They also assist me in bringing through your passed loved ones and the highest awareness of your path in life in the most compassionate and supportive ways.

In this reading I will connect to your energy field and allow your higher self (your soul), Archangel guides and even passed loved ones to come through to help give you the guidance and loving messages that will assist you in your life RIGHT NOW. Never critical, judgmental, or forceful, the guidance is always compassionate, uplifting, and powerful!

After validating the current energy you are in and getting to the most prominent issues that need attention you will receive guidance and sometimes an energy “tune up” to help you understand the path before you and how to shift to the solutions that you may be asking for. Healing energy and deep awareness of your inner world and heart’s desires is what these readings are about. You will walk away feeling a great sense of support, empowered to make positive shifts and life improvements, and feel confident in your next steps and new awareness of the love that is available to you!

This reading is for you if:

You need help making decisions that are based in love and compassion rather than fear or feelings of unworthiness.

Want to know how your path in life is unfolding and learn how to achieve well-being in certain areas.

Need help with your current spiritual path, abilities, or energy alignment.

Want to learn more about your guidance system and how to get guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides

Want to hear heartfelt messages from passed loved ones.

My Angel Guided Sessions & Readings will give you the messages your Spirit Guide Team want you to hear and a profound understanding of the deep spiritual support that you have access to!

Get guidance right from the Archangels and your Light Emissaries

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I look forward to working with you!

Your Soul Has A Path & Purpose.

Learn What Path Your Soul Has Chosen for This Lifetime!

$177 Intuitive Birth Chart Reading

Knowing who you are and the divine plan you were put on this earth to participate in can make a massive difference in what you’re able to contribute to and accomplish while you’re here!

Contrary to the hype, you are not here to endure pain, fight, overcome, struggle or scrape by. You were placed here to contribute to the world of light and joy, and to create it within your own time space reality.

You are encoded with a divine plan and unique expression and your birth chart will reveal what light energy and potential you carry and how to align with it!

Each soul experiences multiple lifetimes, the purpose you have here on earth is for your soul to experience what it’s like to be a human being, transcend all inner and outward limitations, and discover the true potential that is you.

With each life we have certain tools, and drives, characteristics and abilities to help us create our life and choose love. Through our lifetimes we may struggle and pick up some unconscious patterns and fears but each new life we are give ourselves certain challenges, potential, and the tools and the energy to overcome and create love where there once was pain.

The key to evolving your soul and walking in your purpose lies within the choices you make through love, the challenges you face with clarity, and the qualities you’re able to build upon. Your personal qualities are hidden under layers of human evolution, but my Intuitive Birth Chart Reading can reveal the precise truth about both your karmic patterns and your gifts (qualities).

This reading will help you see the patterns, drives, goals, strengths, and desires you came here with and give you answers on how to face your challenges with clarity and the strength of heart based awareness of who you truly are.

Get guidance to create a future based on the unique truth of YOUR soul

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****You must know your exact time of birth for this reading

Akashic Record Reading

Your Soul’s Purpose and Blueprint have a direct effect on the life you chose today

In an Akashic Record Reading you will learn about your soul’s blueprint and origins, what you have to offer the world and what it is you are learning from your experiences here in the physical. This is a powerful reading that can help you to align to the powerful truth of your current life path, your past lives, your soul’s purpose, your higher self current lessons and gifts, and awareness of the powerful being you truly are.  For some, this is a life changing reading in which old patterns are revealed and released and new potential is received. The following is just some of what you can expect to learn.

• Your energy center of training (this is a soul training that shows in your Akashic Record and correlates to the Archangel realms of training and the 7 chakras.)

• The soul trainings that you have done in between lifetimes and how you are using that training today

• Your soul group of origin and how it relates to your purpose

• Your primary life lessons for this lifetime – This will show you why you chose certain experiences and what you wanted to “experiment with” here in the physical

• The roles that you fulfill in this lifetime and other gifts of your soul – such as healer, communicator, relater, psychic, leader, empath, learner and many more

• The periods in history and spiritual/religious paths that have played a large part in the story of your soul during past incarnations here on Earth.

• Your strongest intuitive gifts at this time.

• Your empath gifts

These gifts will show you how you relate to the world around you and what it means to consciously choose to feel another’s energy as your own and how you can handle this energy without the empathic overwhelm that many connect with.

I look forward to working with you!


*** Includes 1-2 hours of research in your record previous to our appointment, and up to 90 minute “live reading” to deliver the information and answer questions

Read what others have had to say about their Akashic Record Readings:

From Catrina: I just had the most amazing akashic records reading from Lauren Antuofermo ! Highly recommend having yours done! Over an hour of information that validates exactly who I am and what I’m here to do and how I am already doing it in the ways I live my life daily! I felt like she knew me inside out and the focus was on all things positive, and the abundance yet to come because I am already living my path. THANK YOU Lauren for being the highlight of my week!

From Julie: Lauren’s Reading of my Akashic record was mind-blowing! I think I will be absorbing and integrating this information for a long time. When Lauren told me, from a higher perspective, where I came from and my purpose here in this lifetime, she introduced me…Julie, to the truth of who I really am, why I came here and this is life changing ~ I am embracing a whole different level of confidence!

As she brought through my soul’s connection to the Archangel realm, I was able to understand which Archangel I am connected to and work with and how that ties into my life purpose.

One aspect of my soul ties into another in an intricately woven design and shows how I can best serve the planet and spread my light to make our world a better place. She also helped me to understand that in some aspects, I misunderstood how I related to others energetically and now I will move forward knowing how to relate to the world in a way that doesn’t exhaust my energy and personal balance. She also showed me what areas were imbalanced and helped me to understand how to rectify this. I can see how my personality; my work and life reflect what I came here to do.

I would highly suggest an Akashic Record reading from Lauren! It will change and empower your life. You will not be the same afterward. This reading is for you if you want to really know your soul purpose and why you are here in this lifetime. This was the best decision ever! Thank you, Lauren,!!!!!

From Sharona: I just had my Akashic Record reading done with Lauren Antuofermo and it was awesome. It totally explains why I think the way I do, why I do the things I do, etc. I found out that I am from the “Procyon Starseed “ so if any of my peeps are out there I would love to hook up and chat.😉
Now that I am 54yrs old, I wish I knew that this was available for me when I was messed up as a teenager, because I would have changed so many things. 😜
As we go on this spiritual journey called life, we have so many questions and this Akashic Record reading is just another tool to help you to stay on that chosen path. Giving you the insight that you need.
I thought my life as a stay at home mom was my life, only to find out I truly am here to be an awesome energy healer.
I’m pretty special and once you guys have yours done your gonna see how truly special you are too!
Lauren your the best and you truly are gifted and talented. I am honored to know you.

Personal Mentoring from Me & Your Archangels

$777 Soulful Transformation Intuitive Coaching

Learn Joyfully, Create Dynamically, Live Authentically, Receive Abundantly!

My Soulful Transformation Coaching and Mentoring is designed to put you first and to create a healthier, more grounded body so you can consistently hold a higher vibration and treat yourself and your body as if it were meant to thrive here. We will incorporate a fine tuning of your skills to connect with your heart’s guidance, increase your intuitive ability to receive and stay on track, live from the power of the heart, and align to your deeper soul purpose in ways that effect your entire life. The fun part of it is that is is entirely customizable to your highest and greatest good and reveals the how’s and why’s to receiving the things you desire to achieve.

Each client will receive a uniquely designed program that will take into account your goals, your spiritual alignment, and current energy field. It will include energy work and Angelic Attunements as well as practical belief system awakenings so that the heart assists the mind in changing and you don’t have to fight your current belief system so hard.  The process of awakening does not have to be difficult but every human heart is also designed to live the best life here on earth,. Each element of this program will attune you to your own heart’s awareness and is specifically designed to reveal the feelings and clarity that comes along with shifting your awareness from one of fear based lack to a system of emotional awakening and clarity about the abundant life we already are living in and how we can access more of it.

We will guide you out of the involuntary human conditioning which took you from your divine purpose to a feeling of lack based fear about who you are and teach you how to ascend and attune you to the purpose of your emotional energy so that you can create the designer life you planned before you got here.

 We will turn on the light codes which are the potential paths our soul can take and learn what drives your soul to learn from and heal the past, and take on new experiences that are based in love, manifestation, and the highest and greatest good. Turning these “light codes” on helps your soul and the earth raise its vibration so you and human life becomes more creative and less fearful. With loving support you’ll learn authentic self-expression, self-acceptance, appreciation, and unwavering compassion for yourself and mankind! The real reason you’re here!

This service is for you if you want to:

Transmute energetic and emotional blocks that cut off access to god/source/universe due to damaged belief systems.

Trust in the Divine and lead yourself to more happiness through clarity and resourcefulness

Strengthen your relationship with your higher self and Guides of Light

Learn to align your gifts and healing energy to do the work of your heart

Align to your soul’s purpose to create a better avenue for your lightwork to shine in your every day life

Reduce or stop empathic or emotional overwhelm and treat the world as if it were here to serve you

Change the way you relate to your body, physical reality, and emotional fear of lack based belief systems

Increase your awareness of God in the physical body and your introduction to healing the self through energy tools as well as practical how to’s to reduce cravings and fear based eating and thing about health protocol

You may opt to choose areas of focus for this program such as Channeling, Body Health, Lightworker Syndrome to Lightworker Wellness, or more….

There is no perfectionism only progression in this program! Learn the importance of why you’re here, eliminate limitations, align with your purpose, and increase your abundance, health, emotional, and spiritual well-being!

Includes 6 live recorded sessions so you can keep and revisit all that you learn, support throughout via messenger or email, tools, skill development, and more…

Are You Ready to Uncover and Live Inside the Real Reason You’re Here?

***Payment plans available on a case by case basis

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Not sure if this is for you?

See what clients have had to say below!

From Jen: Knowing Lauren has been an absolutely life changing experience for me. There are not words that could adequately describe what Lauren does for her clients, or how grateful I am for her. In an extremely short amount of time, Lauren can take you from once living in fear and lack and doubt, to believing in yourself, living in joy and abundance, and being the best version of yourself you can possibly be. I know, because she has done that for me. She is gentle and compassionate and loving and and she genuinely cares about the well being of every single person she encounters each day. She is an Angel on earth, and an absolute blessing to everyone she touches. I am a better person for knowing Lauren. I will forever be a client, and more importantly, a friend to this amazing soul. ❤️❤️❤️


From Missie: It’s been the absolute best time of my life since I started working with Lauren. I took her Body of Light course which was forever life changing. She is a phenomenal teacher, coach and now friend! If your looking for a trustworthy won’t beat around the bush type of experience you will find that in Lauren. Her straight forward,tell it like it is, honest approach will help you get to those deep down issues that need to be addressed. I can not say enough good things about everything you have to gain by working with her, what have you got to lose!

From Ann: Lauren is an incredibly talented, compassionate, and authentic life-alignment coach and mentor. As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother, I find myself continually challenged with where and how to find balance. No more. I have seen an amazing transformation in my attitude, intuitive abilities, and overall Zen, since I started working with Lauren. I’m addicted and you will be too! Thank you!